Welcome to the Glow Jam Parent & Volunteer Hub!

Together, let's create a memorable Glow-In-The-Dark Youth Dance Fundraiser. Find all essential details below!

Event Guidelines

Safety & Supervision

Child safety is paramount. We ensure every event is well-supervised with our dedicated team and community volunteers.

Drop-offs & Pick-ups

Drop off your children at 6:45 PM, doors open at 7:00 PM. Parents must come inside for pickups. Alternative transport requires parental confirmation.

Volunteer Involvement

Our events thrive because of dedicated volunteers. They assist in various roles, ensuring smooth functioning and safety.

Event Etiquette & Rules

We foster a fun atmosphere while ensuring safety. Our guidelines cover personal boundary respect, appropriate behavior, and suitable attire.

Ticketing Details & Reminders

In-Person Tickets

Tickets are available from 7:00 PM at the venue. If the event is SOLD OUT, door tickets won't be offered. No discounts are valid in person.

Important Reminders

  • Ensure your child's entry before leaving the venue.
  • In sold-out scenarios, additional entries will be restricted.
  • Parents are responsible for their child's safe entry and departure.

GlowJam Entertainment Team

Who Can Join The Entertainment Team?

If you're between 14-18 years old and a student in Orangeville, you're eligible!

Pre-Event Responsibilities

Arrive an hour early to help with setup. Your creativity sets the stage!

During the Event

Host games and activities, ensuring everything goes smoothly. Your enthusiasm makes the party!

Post-Event Responsibilities

Help with cleaning up and rearranging the venue. Your effort wraps up the night!

Team Communication

Teams communicate via group chat for organization and updates.

Budget & Creativity

Every event has a dedicated budget. Use it creatively to make the event successful!

Together for Glow Jam!

Parents and volunteers drive Glow Jam's success. Interested in volunteering or need more info? Email Dylan at [email protected] or visit our volunteering page.

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